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recent projects:

ScreamingFoam.com - A simple PayPal based ecommerce website developed to sell 10mm depron foam remote control (RC) airplane kits and accessories.

TickTwister.com - An ecommerce website developed to sell TickTwister - A safe and effective tool for removing ticks from people and animals including dogs, cats and horses.

Focusline.com - Where you are rewarded for your opinion. Focusline is a market research website. Register for free and receive $5 when you sign up to participate in paid online surveys.

PJSoapboxDerby.com - the Port Jervis Soapbox Derby - A website designed for our local soapbox derby. It's the 3rd largest soapbox derby in the world!

NoMoreBillCollectors.com - A simple website design with links to e-books to help take control of your debt and finances.

Land-O-Links.com - This is a Movabletype blog (web log) that delivers 5 great hand picked links per day. It was a simple and fun site to develop and is a definite daily read.

HeartAndHandsArtCenter.com - This project involved a small sized site designed from scratch for a local art center. It was built so as to be easily expanded while keeping a simple and clean design.

GetFlocked.com - A small site which sells genuine Don Featherstone Plastic Pink Lawn Flamingos by the flock or by the pair.

Event-Shirts.com - A site which sells Crew and Staff Shirts for all occasions and events - to stand out from the crowd.

HUAD.org - Hang Up And Drive - This website chronicles some cell phone related accidents in the news. Bumper stickers available for purchase.

MindSite Works - Browse some shirts, mugs and more.

Nocera Art Tile - This redesign project was for the Nocera Art Tile Company. It is a very large, graphic intensive site that was in need of a make-over. We took a design that the company uses for labels and other printed material, and used it as a jump-off point to create a special set of logos for use on the site. We also expanded and simplified the navigation, updated the site style using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and added some new features including a site search function to assist visitors in their quest for products and information.

Minisink Valley Historical Society - One of our redesign projects was for the Minisink Valley Historical Society. It was a very large site with over 30 pages and was very difficult to navigate through. Click Here to see a sample of the original opening page before our redesign. The site had wonderful content but no strong identity. We were able to take all of that great content and form it into a classy design, adding functionality and new features including a search engine, a forum and an email subscription option.

BBK Studios - Betsy's art gallery on the web.

It's Time for the Ed and Betsy Show! - our personal "just for fun" website.



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