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about us:

Edward and Betsy have been designing and producing many types of art and animation for more than 20 years. Edward has produced numerous 3D and morph animations for television shows including "The Jon Stewart Show", "The Goods" and "The Year in Rock" on MTV. Betsy has worked in television production creating various graphics, illustration, logo design and computer and cell animation for clients including MTV, VH-1 and Nickelodeon. She also holds a BFA degree in illustration from Parson's School of Design.

As web designers, we believe that form should follow function, and that the internet is for conveying information first and foremost. We try to "keep it simple" through good design and efficient navigation. Flashy animation has it's place, but we feel that most often it just wastes bandwidth and loses the viewer who has come in search of products and information.

We offer all the expertise that comes from being avid computer users since 1984 and internet participants since 1994. Our design and production is done exclusively on Macintosh computers and our sites are hosted on a speedy and flexible Unix server.

Due to our background in illustration and production, we can convert ideas and concepts into graphic logos and website layouts that convey the feelings that the client is looking for. Our specialty is in taking an existing website, analyzing it's strengths and weaknesses and overhauling and re-designing it to improve it's look and function.

Currently, we are devoting our time to developing our own websites and businesses. Check out our recent projects page to see some of those developments.



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